Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Porches, Gifts, and Lamps, Oh My!

This past weekend I headed to my home town to attend a wedding shower for one of my oldest friends. It was lovely. The host’s home was very contemporary, which is not really my personal style but I can appreciate the design. But the Porch…. What a porch! I which I had taken more pictures – but here is the flavor….

This is just the covered area - it was seamlessly picture perfect. Needless to say I would be on the porch all the time! There was room for a ‘dance floor’ and two small bar set up and the gifts were placed in a wheel barrow (or around). The host, Sonia owns Sonia Says and used to be an interior designer. Well … it shows. Her eye for creativity was exemplified all over.

Next to the wheel borrow sat the gift that my family and another gave the Bride and Groom. And I must say ‘I want one!’ ….. Very badly. We found this one at a yard sale for a steal!
It was this lamp: But with a shade that looks like this (much better then the white above!)
It is a carerra marble table lamp - The first shape with the black shade.

Is it bad that the only reason that I would want to get married right now is for the gifts? Since, this is not a good enough reason to get married I'll just wait.

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