Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What I'm Wearing Today....

"You can never be to fat for your shoes"

I once heard these words of wisdom and I believe that they do in fact describe perfectly my infatuation with shoes. I could be completely discontent with my weight, but somehow, putting on a fabulous pair of high heel shoes instantly makes me feel sexy and confident.
I bought these fabulous shoes this weekend during a sale at Macy's. After seeing these wonderful Nine West heels in various ads, I stalked the internet until they went on sale. Luckily, I had been saving several gift cards from Christmas and was able to buy them without feeling guilty. I mean, after all, we are in a recession, and every purchase has to be thought out and planned. Ha.
Today, on this dreadfully dreary day in Atlanta, I am wearing my fabulous shoes, and I can say that I feel equally as fabulous. Even, though my hair is in a ponytail due to the bed head gods not giving me a break, it doesn't even matter because I've got jazz in my step.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A place to call my own

One of my categories that I have been saving for is my own home. I HATE PAYING RENT!!! My problem isn’t just that I want a $350k home for $150k but even more is that I don’t know what town I want to call home. Oh the life of a single consultant. I want something comfortable some like this...Except without the stroller..... I am so not ready for babies.... I am too selfish right now to take care of another life. I love being able to pass babies off to the appropriate mother when they make a fuss.

And getting back to how I got hooked on blogs.... Personal Finance blogs. I have been saving for some 'home' somewhere at some future date. My goal is to have a 10% down payment in 3 years. While I wish I was ready to buy a place now (buyers market people) I'm not. For so many reasons. I keep thinking maybe I should buy and investment property - beach house anyone?? - but that is just not realistic.

Anyway I found these shelves.

I was thinking how I could make them on my own and just started day dreaming about a house. If I had a house I would make these shelves but there is no point when I have no idea how long I am going to be living in this apartment.

I mean what do you think? They couldn't be that hard to make right? I recently read in southern living about an interior designer who hold the same 'college' mentality that I have. She sees and idea and thinks to herself how she can make it on her own or find something similar cheaper. I love this concept. While I have dreams of having Waterford decanter to sit around - there are some beautiful antiques on Ebay.
This is just not something that needs to be a reality for me right now but a girl can dream.

I feel like I am rambling - and it is late so I am going to call it a night. happy decorating!

Friday, March 20, 2009

ANDDD I'm Back...

So it has been a while since I have posted. I can honestly say that my lack of postings has been due to sheer laziness. My mind has been running a mile a minute no doubt, but I just haven't been able to get those thoughts down...or haven't wanted to I should say. So here it goes...

-The recession is pissing me off. I am so tired of this gloom and doom attitude. I recently interviewed for a promotion within my company. Because the economy is basically in the toilet, there were 10 people interviewing for 1 position. I got the call this week saying I did not get the job but was in the "Top 3". So disappointing. I am annoyed because I know that if we weren't in a recession, I probably would have gotten the job. The manager told me to job shadow because there are probably going to look to hire in Q4. Q FREAKING 4. Awesome. I just hate knowing that I was on the cusp of getting this job. Everything happens for a reason and unlike many I actually have a job so I know I shouldn't complain. Ok enough about that.

-Now onto a juicy work topic. I have a co-worker who is having an affair with a married man. She is seeking my advice and telling me how miserable she is. I cannot seem to listen to her problems without judging her. Ladies, I don't care what anyone says....he will never leave his wife and you never want to be the other woman. Infidelity and adultery are sins in my book and I just cannot listen to her story anymore. To me, what she is doing is wrong and it is making my work environment tense because I simply cannot look at her the same. How do I be a good friend/confidant when I do not agree with ones decisions? A difficult struggle I am having here.

-I have spring fever. Bad.

-I really want to loose 10 pounds before wedding season begins. Anyone from the South can relate to why a single girl wants to look good at someone else's wedding. You never know who you could meet....

That's all I have right now....I am planning on getting better at posting.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting with the program

My junior and senior year of high school I decided to do weigh watcher. It was great, since then I have been on and off the program but I must get back on. I am officially the biggest I have even been and all I can say is that it is embarrassing. I hate seeing pictures of myself and I don't think I look like my self.... AT ALL. Now at 23 (almost 24) I am going to get back into the swing of things and find myself again. The key for me is writing down everything... everything. Ramit over at iwillteachyoutoberich.com has a book coming out and the other day I was ready pieces of chapter 1. Why Ramit was trying to make a point about saving money where is comparing saving to gaining/loosing weight. (I ordered his book I think it is going to be great for people my age)
I digress....

The point is that saving money is like weight control - it doesn't happen over night but when we diligently work and overtime we will achieve our desired results. I really liked this analogy - to the point. He also states that writing down a budget is just as important as writing down what you eat and I couldn't agree more.

the finance major that I am likes black and white.

So I started to look around online to try to find some others going through the weight watchers journey to find some motivation. I found Mrs. Classic. She talks about her journey thought ups and downs of weight gain and loss - finding motivation and weight loss tips. A few days ago she posted about planning out her points so that she doesn't look aimlessly in the frig and end up making a bad choice. Keep up the good work Mrs. Classic!!

I bought a journal and I am going to write down that enters my mouth so that I can calculate the points.

I am also going to work on planning my meals ahead of time so that I don't crash and burn at night when I make it home after hours and hours of work.

How depressing……

I think that this pictures says is best…


Not that I am going to be using this money at time soon but it is just depressing that I have earned more on my savings account then I have on my 401(k)

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Extra Paycheck

Now I normally don't consider paycheck as 'extra money' but recently my company changed accounting practices and now I receive 26 paychecks a year rather then 24. At first I noticed that my bank account balance was less then normal but I have adjusted. In April I have a three paycheck month - yippee!!!

Now here should I put the extra money? Emergency Fund? Travel Fund? House Fund? Moving Fund? Gift Fund?

any advice?

I think that I am going to put about $500 in my gift fund then I will have that much to spending on all the weddings/showers I have this summer. I am in one wedding and already know of two others that I need a gift for. The two that I am not in may just get a gift instead of being graced with my presence because they are about 5 hours away and lets face it - I doubt I will be able to make it.


But then I get to day dreaming about homes and decorations.... but that's another post.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hotel Living....

For the past month I have been living in hotels. Sometimes i am fortunate enough to stay at the same place for a few days - but the weeks that really get to me are those weeks with a different hotel every night. Plus driving between towns.... exhausting!!

Tonight I am in Orlando - enjoying a glass of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio - my favorite - but lets face it, I am way to cheap... no.... frugal to spend $25 for a bottle of wine when I can get a giant bottle of Bella Sera for $13. But when I travel by myself I tend to splurge a little becuase actually I don't know why - because I deserve it!

I have been working 80-100 hour weeks - hence the lack of posts - and I am so ready for this project to wrap up.... well am i? I feel like SO MANY people I know are loosing there jobs these days that i need to just be thankful that i have a job.

Even bloggers like Laura have felt the impact of the recession. Congratulation Laura on your new job!