Monday, March 30, 2009

A place to call my own

One of my categories that I have been saving for is my own home. I HATE PAYING RENT!!! My problem isn’t just that I want a $350k home for $150k but even more is that I don’t know what town I want to call home. Oh the life of a single consultant. I want something comfortable some like this...Except without the stroller..... I am so not ready for babies.... I am too selfish right now to take care of another life. I love being able to pass babies off to the appropriate mother when they make a fuss.

And getting back to how I got hooked on blogs.... Personal Finance blogs. I have been saving for some 'home' somewhere at some future date. My goal is to have a 10% down payment in 3 years. While I wish I was ready to buy a place now (buyers market people) I'm not. For so many reasons. I keep thinking maybe I should buy and investment property - beach house anyone?? - but that is just not realistic.

Anyway I found these shelves.

I was thinking how I could make them on my own and just started day dreaming about a house. If I had a house I would make these shelves but there is no point when I have no idea how long I am going to be living in this apartment.

I mean what do you think? They couldn't be that hard to make right? I recently read in southern living about an interior designer who hold the same 'college' mentality that I have. She sees and idea and thinks to herself how she can make it on her own or find something similar cheaper. I love this concept. While I have dreams of having Waterford decanter to sit around - there are some beautiful antiques on Ebay.
This is just not something that needs to be a reality for me right now but a girl can dream.

I feel like I am rambling - and it is late so I am going to call it a night. happy decorating!

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  1. I totally feel you on this! Living in Boston means home prices of at LEAST $350K. For a shack.
    Watching HGTV makes me want to cry (and yet I can't stop...).

    Someday, we'll be able to afford lovely homes. Until then, happy renting, and good luck finding landlords who will let you paint and decorate!