Thursday, February 5, 2009


it has been a while.....

and it will be a little while longer....

this will be the fourth weekend in a row that I have to work... that's right fourth.

But with the current state of the economy I am thankful I have a job. I really do love my job there are just times when the 90 hour weeks start to drive you MAD.

I spoke with HR this week as well - I was supposed to roll off my current project in august.... yes august. And to my shock I received a new roll off date of March 2 - LOOONNNGGGG story short. Part of the response - 'we would like to extend you in FL. Ideally, that would be the best scenario since there are fewer openings across the board right now. Given your flexibility though, it does make it a lot easier.'

So maybe I will be here in the south when it gets warm enough to sit out in the sun in February.

PS. the art project that I worked on turned out - ummmm - OK. They kind of look child-like but I think with a good black mat behind them they could turn out.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finding my Passion

Last week I happened to catch the Oprah Winfrey episode with the Olsen Twins. The episode was very interesting because I rarely take anything away from watching Oprah. I get a bit annoyed by her attitude that she is God and is inspiring the world. However, she made a statement that somewhat stimulated my mind. Not necessary inspired my mind, but stimulated.

She was discussing the start-up of the Olsen Twins' fashion line and how they got started. They stated that they simply just loved fashion and it made them want to join the industry. Oprah then said that "One should focus on their passion and turn it into a profession" That statement really got me thinking about what my passions really were.

Lately I am starting to wonder where I need to go in my professional career. Can your passions be confused for your loves/likes? For example, I love shoes and fashion. Does that mean that I need to try and find a career in the fashion industry? When I entered college, my love of travel inspired me to major in International Business and focus on Spanish. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, I lost sight of actually using my major and skills in order to just simply find a job.

And now, I am sitting in a cubicle and have not used my Spanish for anything other than evesdropping on the hispanics in grocery store line. (Sometimes I like what they are saying, and other times I don't) I am not passionate about what I am doing and am confused about where to go from here. I am also starting to wonder if it is worth it in this struggling economy to take a step back and evaluate/find my passions?

Reflection starts now. Passion, is it the same as liking/enjoying something? How do I translate my passion into a career? Someone should really write a book on this.