Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is her Sign?

I need to write a full post about last weekend but I honestly have not had time. But I will say it was a blast. I couldn't get enough! Isle of Palms was a wonderful break and I stayed as last as I could and didn't get home until about midnight and had to work the next day. The weather was fantastic and I was even about to get in a workout Friday and Saturday morning.

This is what makes boys cluesless....

As I posted earlier we are going play the game where you ask the guy questions and see how many the bride to be gets right. Well one of the questions was 'What is her sign?' - Bo was confused - and the responce was 'Stop'.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brutally Honest

The one thing about me that all of my friends will say is that I will tell them the truth. Brutally Honest. I will not just say that what you are wearing is ugly or that I don't like your boyfriend but if you ask - expect my honest opinion. One of my coworkers can in to the office with a true butt cut. she had short hair and her bangs are growing out so she is trying to figure out how to handle the 'I need a hair cut' stage. She asked if I liked it - my response was 'I like it the other way much better'. If you don't want to know my opinion don't ask because I am not going to say what you want to hear. I am going to say what I think.

I started to make a list of things that I will never say are 'OK'

First - I think these should be banished for anyone over the age of 8. The Mini Backpack. They are not flattering and if it isn't that heavy/big then carry a normal purse.It makes you look like a 'Fat Guy in a little coat'

My second is the shoes with the straps around the ankle. Unless you are super skinny (PS you suck) and want to make your legs look bigger then shoes with straps around the ankle are OUT!


I tend to vote for a long and slender over short and fat. Maybe I am odd but I just hate them - can't help it. As my arty friends would say 'they don't speak to me' so I will pass and would tell you to as well.

And the past two days - I have seen Both of these way way way too many times. The strapped shoe is more common but the mini backpack - people please!

Music to my Ears

The weather in the ATL has been absolutely beautiful these past few days. I would even venture to say that it is getting hot here in what some call "Hotlanta" (read: most Atlantans make fun of people who say this, but I thought it was fitting). Since the weather is getting warm, one of my most favorite things to do is ride in the car, with the windows down, sun roof open and listen to my favorite summer jams.

I like to think that everyone has one jam that they listen to when their windows are down. A "summer" song or album. My summer album is Garth Brooks' Double Live album. I think I love this album for warm weather driving because it reminds me so much of my college days. I can remember blasting "Calling Baton Rouge" and "Two Pina Coladas" during many spring breaks in college. "Friends in Low Places" is a song that nearly everyone would belt out during parties.

It is funny how when I am in the car I can put on my music and day dream or remember things from the past. It must be because I am always battling Atlanta traffic and have the time on my hands! I always say that every summer there is one hit song that it is stuck in everyone's head. Last summer it was the "I Kissed a Girl Song". Though, I'm not one to kiss girls, I did think that song was catchy. I wonder what the hit song of the summer will be this year....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

People are starting to think I am crazy.

Truth be told: I am not really crazy. But over the past year I have been over emotional. I don't know why I have suddenly been so emotional. Today - I hit my low. I was at the gym spending some quality time on the elliptical and the end of a tennis tournament was on the TV. I have not been watching the tournament, I have no idea who the lady is who won. What I know is that she started cry, gave her parents hugs and the commentary was about how that this was her first major win and having a player show their emotion for all their hard work was very refreshing. So I started too. Crying that is.... at the gym.... YEAH what the hell is wrong with me?!? And I have to tell you this is the second time this week!!! First time was Tuesday, while watching the biggest loser (which was not a good one to workout to - makeover week). But the brown team, father and Son, got to see their wife/mom and son/brother after the had the makeover. The brother that is not on the show is large and he was upset because he felt left out, in his words 'now he is the big one.' He was upset. And he and his brother had a touching moment and I started to cry. CRAZY. I used my sweat towel to wipe my face so that hopefully the people working out around me wouldn't look at me like I am crazy. This is something that has come over me this past year and the only reason that I can point to that caused my overly emotional self.

Almost a year ago a very dear family friend suffered a AVM rupture. She is 27, married, at the time had 6 month old son (he is now 1 and a half) , actress/model, God loving, generous kind woman. Not to get into too many details it is basically like she has a stroke. And after a 16 hour surgery, she miraculous survived. If you would like to read about her story visit this site. It may give you a little different perspective on life.
But anyway her mom started a blog as well.... this is when Southern Belle 1 changes into crazy person at work. That's right - at work. When this first started I was in a cube where there was no privacy and I would have to choke back the tears. Now when she writes a blog I just shut my office door and pretend that I am on the phone. You know like any other will behaved employee. I will say this though it helps me have a more realistic perspective on the day.

Anyway..... I think people are starting to think I am a crazy crier!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's her party

I am counting it down.. in less then 2 week I will be enjoying a lovely weekend at Isle of Palms, SC for one of my best friends from high school's bachelorette party. Not only is it going to be a much needed break for work... because i do that too much... but it will also be a fantastic time catching up with great friends.

Being to domestic goddess that I am, I have been trying to plan the most economical and beautiful spreads for the weekend. I love party planning! Chicken Taco Salads and White Sangria for the first night and who knows what else.

My real problem is trying to come up with creative games to play on the night when we have the lingerie shower. Some of the game as SOOO LAME and while the bride loves games I still want them to be fun for everyone else as well. I think the games where you make the gowns out of tissue paper are will .... awful.

One game that we are going to do is ask the groom a set of questions before hand and then as the bride at the shower. For each that she misses she takes a shot.
Now keep in mind that one of the bridesmaids is the grooms younger sister. So we are trying to avoid the extreamly ackward moment. So the questions about.... What is the most public place that you ever had sex? What is his favorite position? ... will be removed.

But now I am drawing a blank. I need some more game ideas. Bride LOVES this shit and I got nada.

Do any of yall have shower games that were unique - easy to play - all around good fun?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Band of gold

I don't know if it is just my southern conservative upbringing but it really hurts my heart when married adults do not wear wedding bands. There are at least 3 men in my office that never wear a wedding band. I must say, if I was any of their wives I would be pissed. Again, maybe this is me just being southern conservative but i think it is a sign of disrespect to the women (or man) you have said you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Especially when you spend most of your time traveling for work - ie. staying in hotels, hanging out at bars, and not mentioning your wife. Am I just being over sensitive? I don't think so and it really bothers me. I know it shouldn't it is none of my business and it doesn't even affect my work - I can not help it. Get over it SB1!!
On the other hand, I was told in a bar by a guy recently that he is hesitant to talk to ladies that have a ring on their left hand at all. AT ALL!! I have a pearl ring I wear everyday on my left hand.... I love it.... something like this....

But I would not confuse this ring with an engagement ring. His response was that you never know these days.... well if you don't want to talk to be cause you are afraid that I am engaged or married then you aren't worth my time. enter cold hearted bitch mode*

I digress

My new jewelry obsession: Tiffany keys

I am in Love!

I might give myself a birthday present of the Crown key in stirling silver. But we will see....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Porches, Gifts, and Lamps, Oh My!

This past weekend I headed to my home town to attend a wedding shower for one of my oldest friends. It was lovely. The host’s home was very contemporary, which is not really my personal style but I can appreciate the design. But the Porch…. What a porch! I which I had taken more pictures – but here is the flavor….

This is just the covered area - it was seamlessly picture perfect. Needless to say I would be on the porch all the time! There was room for a ‘dance floor’ and two small bar set up and the gifts were placed in a wheel barrow (or around). The host, Sonia owns Sonia Says and used to be an interior designer. Well … it shows. Her eye for creativity was exemplified all over.

Next to the wheel borrow sat the gift that my family and another gave the Bride and Groom. And I must say ‘I want one!’ ….. Very badly. We found this one at a yard sale for a steal!
It was this lamp: But with a shade that looks like this (much better then the white above!)
It is a carerra marble table lamp - The first shape with the black shade.

Is it bad that the only reason that I would want to get married right now is for the gifts? Since, this is not a good enough reason to get married I'll just wait.