Sunday, April 19, 2009

People are starting to think I am crazy.

Truth be told: I am not really crazy. But over the past year I have been over emotional. I don't know why I have suddenly been so emotional. Today - I hit my low. I was at the gym spending some quality time on the elliptical and the end of a tennis tournament was on the TV. I have not been watching the tournament, I have no idea who the lady is who won. What I know is that she started cry, gave her parents hugs and the commentary was about how that this was her first major win and having a player show their emotion for all their hard work was very refreshing. So I started too. Crying that is.... at the gym.... YEAH what the hell is wrong with me?!? And I have to tell you this is the second time this week!!! First time was Tuesday, while watching the biggest loser (which was not a good one to workout to - makeover week). But the brown team, father and Son, got to see their wife/mom and son/brother after the had the makeover. The brother that is not on the show is large and he was upset because he felt left out, in his words 'now he is the big one.' He was upset. And he and his brother had a touching moment and I started to cry. CRAZY. I used my sweat towel to wipe my face so that hopefully the people working out around me wouldn't look at me like I am crazy. This is something that has come over me this past year and the only reason that I can point to that caused my overly emotional self.

Almost a year ago a very dear family friend suffered a AVM rupture. She is 27, married, at the time had 6 month old son (he is now 1 and a half) , actress/model, God loving, generous kind woman. Not to get into too many details it is basically like she has a stroke. And after a 16 hour surgery, she miraculous survived. If you would like to read about her story visit this site. It may give you a little different perspective on life.
But anyway her mom started a blog as well.... this is when Southern Belle 1 changes into crazy person at work. That's right - at work. When this first started I was in a cube where there was no privacy and I would have to choke back the tears. Now when she writes a blog I just shut my office door and pretend that I am on the phone. You know like any other will behaved employee. I will say this though it helps me have a more realistic perspective on the day.

Anyway..... I think people are starting to think I am a crazy crier!

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