Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's her party

I am counting it down.. in less then 2 week I will be enjoying a lovely weekend at Isle of Palms, SC for one of my best friends from high school's bachelorette party. Not only is it going to be a much needed break for work... because i do that too much... but it will also be a fantastic time catching up with great friends.

Being to domestic goddess that I am, I have been trying to plan the most economical and beautiful spreads for the weekend. I love party planning! Chicken Taco Salads and White Sangria for the first night and who knows what else.

My real problem is trying to come up with creative games to play on the night when we have the lingerie shower. Some of the game as SOOO LAME and while the bride loves games I still want them to be fun for everyone else as well. I think the games where you make the gowns out of tissue paper are will .... awful.

One game that we are going to do is ask the groom a set of questions before hand and then as the bride at the shower. For each that she misses she takes a shot.
Now keep in mind that one of the bridesmaids is the grooms younger sister. So we are trying to avoid the extreamly ackward moment. So the questions about.... What is the most public place that you ever had sex? What is his favorite position? ... will be removed.

But now I am drawing a blank. I need some more game ideas. Bride LOVES this shit and I got nada.

Do any of yall have shower games that were unique - easy to play - all around good fun?

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  1. You can also have a game where you quiz all the participants on how well they know the bride! Get everyone to participate, and have the bride ask questions about herself. Just think up a really good prize for the winner and something else for the losers too haha :)