Monday, June 8, 2009

The Wedding

One of my best friends got married this past weekend. I have know her since i was 4 years old. We were the only two from out high school to go to Auburn and really she is just very dear to me. She got married on St Simons Island (island number 2). It was the most beautiful wedding that I have ever been too. And I really am not just saying that because I love her very much, and I have been to some wonderful weddings. there were a few minor things that i would change - but not many. So I will give you a few pics:

First the church was the most beautiful church I have ever seen:
And then where our flowers....

And of course the bride.....

(her veil was monogrammed.... yes we are southern)

And let me tell you... her family knows how to get down. The Band of Oz was great! And since the wedding was at 5 there was plenty of time to dance dance dance!

There was a beer and bit Thursday night - instead of a sip and see so they didn't have to lug the gifts to the beach which was fine with me.

Friday we had a brides maids luncheon and the rehearsal. Now the rehearsal - the guys had golfed all day and had a few beers. Most where respectful but there was one that was not. I think that may be the biggest understatement of the world. He was so wasted at the rehearsal that he could barely stand up and he started mocking the minister. Thats right mocking the minister. The groom told him that if he acted like that tomorrow that he would be observing the wedding and will not be participating. That night at dinner his wife lead into him - she is very straight laced and it was like the old Joe came out. It was bad. thankfully he straightened up for the actually wedding but we all had a few doubts.

anyway i need to get a good night sleep so i can tackel the stack of work i came back too. more updates tomorrow.


Sorry for being MIA - but I took a week of vacation... if you didn't know your google reader does not count after 1000 unread feeds. It simply says "1000+" so it is going to be a while for me to get through them all. But one of these days when I get caught up on all of my work I will get to them.

So what did i do for a week.... i went island hopping... not at glamorous as it sounds but it was WONDERFUL. First I was at Isle of Palms - i was just there but this time I took a few pics. First where i had my morning coffee while everyone else was still sleeping (internal alarms blow).
And then this is the bedroom that i stayed in, i like to call it the Auburn room (WDE). But i must say these are two colors that I would not normally put together but just lovely!

The second island is to come.... and a wedding and a late night beach story.... yeah I know how

Cliché but it was a fantastic time!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Empty Nest

Sunday night my youngest brother graduated from High School. It was the first time our whole family has been together for an event since Christmas so we were able to get some cute family photos. But it is just so weird that my baby brother is going to be living on his own! Not to mention that he is going to be the 7 hours from home and he leaves to start summer school in less then a month at Ole Miss. I am more in fear of how Mother Mary will be handling this because I cannot handle spur of the moment to trips from her. Hopefully she will visit Middle brother at Auburn and not head down to Florida.

Anyway she now proudly has an Auburn and Ole Miss sticker on her car.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

beating a dead horse

Do y'all ever feel like your life is going in a circle? I can honestly say that the past 9 months I have been living in Limbo. I feel like I tell my friends the same story over and over again - which I am tired of my own story! Work - work out - sleep - repeat. (sometimes I skip the workout - oops)

What has been the most frustrating is that I have been ready to move - SO READY - last summer I went to visit a friend living in Manhattan and ever since i have been dying to mover there. I want to live in that environment, the city that never sleeps.

In the consulting world it is typical to change projects multiple times a year - I have been on the same project for TWO YEARS and I am so over living in Tallahassee. I am ready to be closer to family and friends .... life. So when I was talking to HR I was in the process of rolling off the project that I am currently on to a project in Portland, OR but that all came to a screaching halt. I have been used and abused on this project. So Monday i finally stood up for myself. I asked to be put on travel. Well not all the way but some of it. I aske for half my rent to be paid and to be reimbursed miles. Which that ends up being about $1200 more dollars a month and I got it approved. I am having a dance party in my office!!! So I was extended untill the end of september (read: 13 monthes later then expected) and it seems like there is going to be more opportinites if i just hold on tight....

lovely lamps

Today I was browsing my reader (while I was supposed to be working) when I stumbled upon a profile of Christopher Spitzmiller at All the Best. Living in an apartment has me addicted to lamps. The over head lighting leaves a lot to be desired and I have been in search for some new lamps. Not that i can afford even the cheapest lamp from Christopher Spitzmiller i can still day dream. These red ones are great that Ronda has are so stinking cute!!!
or this silver in a similar shape in a room at Todd Alexander Romano:

Or even these pink ones....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Plywood.... who knew!?!

A while back Jennifer blogged about a lovely plywood wall. I must say that I hasn't totally floored by the idea until recently. Who knew that such an inexpensive material could be turned into something so chic!

I cannot remember for the life of me where I snagged this picture form but I think it is fabulous. The plywood is applied in squares with the grain altering. AND there are finishing details such as a floor board - and crown molding would be a must for it to look like a finished project and not just a DIY gone wrong. I was thinking maybe one wall of a study or mudroom.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Craft update.

A while back I talked about mimicking a paining that I found online. Well since I have a new camera I can now show you what I have done... YAY.

So this is what I painted:

I haven't decided what to do with them yet... or if i even like them but there they are.

I also was inspired by an Athens local artiest: Cecil Allie. I have been searching to find some of her art work online - but I have failed. She is known for her 'chicks' and flowers. It is folk art. my feeling on art is that it has to speak to you... that's it. It does not have cost a lot of money or be technically sophisticated.
Since I am trying to be especially frugal - I tried my hand at a C.Allie inspired artwork. It is a watercolor - and most of cecil's are acrylic and on scrap wood. But I tried.

My other find... yard sale find that is a 8x10 - I wasn't there early but people didn't know what they were missing and the owner didn't know what she had. So I snatched it up.... it was a single red guinea, but not just any guinea is was a Cornbread. Loud and Proud right on the front it displayed the name Cornbread.

I got this guinea for $5.00. SHOCK and AWWW.... I didnt negoticae the cost. Similar paintes are for same for around $200.00. Needless to say I was thrilled.