Monday, March 2, 2009

Hotel Living....

For the past month I have been living in hotels. Sometimes i am fortunate enough to stay at the same place for a few days - but the weeks that really get to me are those weeks with a different hotel every night. Plus driving between towns.... exhausting!!

Tonight I am in Orlando - enjoying a glass of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio - my favorite - but lets face it, I am way to cheap... no.... frugal to spend $25 for a bottle of wine when I can get a giant bottle of Bella Sera for $13. But when I travel by myself I tend to splurge a little becuase actually I don't know why - because I deserve it!

I have been working 80-100 hour weeks - hence the lack of posts - and I am so ready for this project to wrap up.... well am i? I feel like SO MANY people I know are loosing there jobs these days that i need to just be thankful that i have a job.

Even bloggers like Laura have felt the impact of the recession. Congratulation Laura on your new job!

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