Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting with the program

My junior and senior year of high school I decided to do weigh watcher. It was great, since then I have been on and off the program but I must get back on. I am officially the biggest I have even been and all I can say is that it is embarrassing. I hate seeing pictures of myself and I don't think I look like my self.... AT ALL. Now at 23 (almost 24) I am going to get back into the swing of things and find myself again. The key for me is writing down everything... everything. Ramit over at has a book coming out and the other day I was ready pieces of chapter 1. Why Ramit was trying to make a point about saving money where is comparing saving to gaining/loosing weight. (I ordered his book I think it is going to be great for people my age)
I digress....

The point is that saving money is like weight control - it doesn't happen over night but when we diligently work and overtime we will achieve our desired results. I really liked this analogy - to the point. He also states that writing down a budget is just as important as writing down what you eat and I couldn't agree more.

the finance major that I am likes black and white.

So I started to look around online to try to find some others going through the weight watchers journey to find some motivation. I found Mrs. Classic. She talks about her journey thought ups and downs of weight gain and loss - finding motivation and weight loss tips. A few days ago she posted about planning out her points so that she doesn't look aimlessly in the frig and end up making a bad choice. Keep up the good work Mrs. Classic!!

I bought a journal and I am going to write down that enters my mouth so that I can calculate the points.

I am also going to work on planning my meals ahead of time so that I don't crash and burn at night when I make it home after hours and hours of work.

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