Friday, March 20, 2009

ANDDD I'm Back...

So it has been a while since I have posted. I can honestly say that my lack of postings has been due to sheer laziness. My mind has been running a mile a minute no doubt, but I just haven't been able to get those thoughts down...or haven't wanted to I should say. So here it goes...

-The recession is pissing me off. I am so tired of this gloom and doom attitude. I recently interviewed for a promotion within my company. Because the economy is basically in the toilet, there were 10 people interviewing for 1 position. I got the call this week saying I did not get the job but was in the "Top 3". So disappointing. I am annoyed because I know that if we weren't in a recession, I probably would have gotten the job. The manager told me to job shadow because there are probably going to look to hire in Q4. Q FREAKING 4. Awesome. I just hate knowing that I was on the cusp of getting this job. Everything happens for a reason and unlike many I actually have a job so I know I shouldn't complain. Ok enough about that.

-Now onto a juicy work topic. I have a co-worker who is having an affair with a married man. She is seeking my advice and telling me how miserable she is. I cannot seem to listen to her problems without judging her. Ladies, I don't care what anyone says....he will never leave his wife and you never want to be the other woman. Infidelity and adultery are sins in my book and I just cannot listen to her story anymore. To me, what she is doing is wrong and it is making my work environment tense because I simply cannot look at her the same. How do I be a good friend/confidant when I do not agree with ones decisions? A difficult struggle I am having here.

-I have spring fever. Bad.

-I really want to loose 10 pounds before wedding season begins. Anyone from the South can relate to why a single girl wants to look good at someone else's wedding. You never know who you could meet....

That's all I have right now....I am planning on getting better at posting.

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