Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Literally Smells

This past weekend I went to Prattville, AL to see my friends new life, home, job, friends for one of her wedding events.

All I have to say is.... I.COULDN'T.DO.IT!

First - not to be a snot - but the only people I talked to the entire weekend who had graduated from college were teachers. No one else.

Second - it smells. all the time. There is a paper mill in Prattville therefore the entire town stinks. My friends new house has a pool out bad were we enjoyed most of our Saturday and i could parly handle sitting out there.

Finally - every one is married with a baby on the way. As i have blogged earlier i am NOT ready for babies. The town is for people who want to live a 'simple' life. We went 'out' saturday to a bunker... cement walls..... yeah... enough said.

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