Wednesday, May 20, 2009

beating a dead horse

Do y'all ever feel like your life is going in a circle? I can honestly say that the past 9 months I have been living in Limbo. I feel like I tell my friends the same story over and over again - which I am tired of my own story! Work - work out - sleep - repeat. (sometimes I skip the workout - oops)

What has been the most frustrating is that I have been ready to move - SO READY - last summer I went to visit a friend living in Manhattan and ever since i have been dying to mover there. I want to live in that environment, the city that never sleeps.

In the consulting world it is typical to change projects multiple times a year - I have been on the same project for TWO YEARS and I am so over living in Tallahassee. I am ready to be closer to family and friends .... life. So when I was talking to HR I was in the process of rolling off the project that I am currently on to a project in Portland, OR but that all came to a screaching halt. I have been used and abused on this project. So Monday i finally stood up for myself. I asked to be put on travel. Well not all the way but some of it. I aske for half my rent to be paid and to be reimbursed miles. Which that ends up being about $1200 more dollars a month and I got it approved. I am having a dance party in my office!!! So I was extended untill the end of september (read: 13 monthes later then expected) and it seems like there is going to be more opportinites if i just hold on tight....

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  1. congrats, hope you get to travel to interesting places!