Monday, May 11, 2009

2 YEARS!?!?

My lovely co-worker (whom also went to my alma mater) proceeded to inform me that we graduated from college exactly 2 years and 1 day ago today. I couldn't help but feel a bit old. It is weird to me that college is becoming somewhat of a distant memory. I can no longer tell people in the workplace that I "recently graduated from college" because 2 years is not exactly recent.

I remember the day that I graduated college. I had my first job lined up and thought I was making a lot of money. I had all these plans. I had a boyfriend whom I thought I was going to marry. Boy how time can change things! I am now single and independent. I bitch at the taxes that get taken out of every paycheck. Paying rent each month is like the biggest kick in the balls.

If there is one thing about college that I could get back, it would be my impulsiveness. In college I would take risks without calculation. It seems that in these 2 years I have somehow lost that ability to take risks. For example, I would love to drop everything and move abroad for a year. If you asked me to do this when I was 21, I didn't/wouldn't have thought twice about it. In fact, I did study abroad and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Now the thought of moving abroad is too expensive, too risky, etc. etc.

So now it raises the it possible to take 'calculated risks' or is it all or nothing?

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