Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Blues

This morning I busted out the heaviest sweater I own, because it’s actually getting cooler here in Atlanta. January is always a down month for me. The holidays and college football season are both over, leaving me with nothing exciting to do/watch. In the midst of my January Blues, I decided to Google things that make me hopeful for Spring.....

Don’t Tulips just make you happy….most certainly not filler flowers like Carnations!

I desperately want to find a fabulous maxi dress for Spring/Summer….possibly this one from Nordstrom.

I will vacation in one of these someday...

My January Blues also result in what I call "Make-Believe Travel Planning." I frequently visit Farecast and plan imaginary trips to places I want to go. Recently, I planned virtual trips to San Antonio, Seattle, and Costa Rica. One of these days I will get to all my Make-Believe places of interest.
On the bright side, at least I'm not living in a place like Minnesota, where the wind chill is -25. I would most certainly go into Winter Depression if I lived there.

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