Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello, my name is Southern Belle and I am an addict.

Part of my daily routine I stop at the gas station across the street from my office to get a great cup of coffee. Yes there is a Starbucks right next door – but I am being frugal. And spending $5 a day is a lot for coffee. But I do love coffee. I enjoy the ritual and the caffeine. Why don’t I just get a cup from my office you ask? The answer is simple – the coffee at work sucks. People don’t know how to make coffee. Two scoops of coffer per cup of water = my gag reflex is intact. I even asked our office manager to order the coffee that comes in packets so they don’t have to measure. That failed.

Being my frugal self I tried giving up my morning coffee. I mean even thought it is less the $2 those dollars add up quickly. So I made my cup at my apartment before I left for the office but I am too rushed to enjoy it. After three days, I started getting awful headaches which cannot be relieved by any amount of medicine. Does anyone else get blinding headaches when they don’t have enough caffeine? So I am trying to do something health for my body as well and I have been really good giving up my daily diet coke – coffee is my vice. I am trapped into drinking it every day because otherwise I am not worth diddily at work. I want to go back to bed and sleep off this headache.

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