Monday, June 8, 2009


Sorry for being MIA - but I took a week of vacation... if you didn't know your google reader does not count after 1000 unread feeds. It simply says "1000+" so it is going to be a while for me to get through them all. But one of these days when I get caught up on all of my work I will get to them.

So what did i do for a week.... i went island hopping... not at glamorous as it sounds but it was WONDERFUL. First I was at Isle of Palms - i was just there but this time I took a few pics. First where i had my morning coffee while everyone else was still sleeping (internal alarms blow).
And then this is the bedroom that i stayed in, i like to call it the Auburn room (WDE). But i must say these are two colors that I would not normally put together but just lovely!

The second island is to come.... and a wedding and a late night beach story.... yeah I know how

Cliché but it was a fantastic time!!

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